Use localStorage value as react state, sync state across opened tabs


use-local-storage-value allows you to use value from localStorage as react state. Hook works exactly the same as useState, but also writes value to local storage:

import { useLocalStorageValue } from '@mantine/hooks';
// hook will read value from localStorage.getItem('color-scheme')
// if localStorage is not available or value at given key does not exist
// 'dark' will be assigned to value variable
const [value, setValue] = useLocalStorageValue({ key: 'color-scheme', defaultValue: 'dark' });
// Value is set both to state and localStorage at 'color-scheme'
// You can also use callback like in useState hook to set value
setValue((current) => (current === 'dark' ? 'light' : 'dark'));


Mantine docs website uses this hook to store color scheme information:

import { useLocalStorageValue } from '@mantine/hooks';
import { ActionIcon } from '@mantine/core';
import { SunIcon, MoonIcon } from '@modulz/radix-icons';
function ColorSchemeToggle() {
const [colorScheme, setColorScheme] = useLocalStorageValue({
key: 'color-scheme',
defaultValue: 'light',
const toggleColorScheme = () =>
setColorScheme((current) => (current === 'dark' ? 'light' : 'dark'));
return (
<ActionIcon onClick={toggleColorScheme}>
{colorScheme === 'dark' ? <SunIcon /> : <MoonIcon />}

Browser tabs synchronization

use-local-storage-value subscribes to storage event. When state changes in one tab it automatically updates value in all other opened browser tabs. You can test this feature by opening 2 tabs with Mantine docs side by side and changing color scheme (button on the top right or ⌘ + J on mac and Ctrl + J on Windows and Linux).



function useLocalStorageValue<T extends string>(options: {
key: string;
defaultValue?: T;
}): [T, (val: T | ((prevState: T) => T)) => void];

Set value type

You can specify value type same as in useState hook, type must extend string:

type ColorScheme = 'dark' | 'light';
const [value, setValue] = useLocalStorageValue<ColorScheme>({
key: 'color-scheme',
defaultValue: 'light',
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