Display fixed overlay at any side of the screen


Dialog is a simplified version of Modal component. It does not include most of accessibility and usability Modal features:

  • Focus trap is not available
  • Does not close on click outside
  • Does not have overlay

Use Dialog to attract attention with not important information or action, for example, you can create an email subscription form:

import { useState } from 'react';
import { Dialog, Group, Button, TextInput, Text } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
const [opened, setOpened] = useState(false);
return (
<Group position="center">
<Button onClick={() => setOpened((o) => !o)}>Toggle dialog</Button>
onClose={() => setOpened(false)}
<Text size="sm" style={{ marginBottom: 10 }} weight={500}>
Subscribe to email newsletter
<Group align="flex-end">
<TextInput placeholder="hello@gluesticker.com" style={{ flex: 1 }} />
<Button onClick={() => setOpened(false)}>Subscribe</Button>

Change position

Dialog is rendered in Portal and has fixed position, set position prop to control Dialog position:

// Dialog in top left corner
<Dialog position={{ top: 20, left: 20 }} />
// Dialog in bottom left corner
<Dialog position={{ bottom: 20, left: 20 }} />

Paper props

Component supports all props from Paper component, you can customize shadow, padding and radius same way.

<Dialog shadow="xl" padding={30} radius="sm" />

Change transition

Dialog supports all transitions from Transition component. To change transition provide following props:

  • transition – predefined transition name or transition object
  • transitionDuration – transition duration in ms, defaults to 200ms
  • transitionTimingFunction – timing function, defaults to theme.transitionTimingFunction
<Dialog transition="slide-up" transitionDuration={300} transitionTimingFunction="ease" />


Component is not accessible and most likely will not be announced by screen reader, make sure you do not put any important information. In most cases it would be much better to select Modal, Drawer or Notifications.

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