Build fully functional accessible web applications faster than ever – Mantine includes more than 120 customizable components and hooks to cover you in any situation
Free and open source
All packages have MIT license, you can use Mantine in any project
TypeScript based
Build type safe applications, all components and hooks export types
No annoying focus ring
Focus ring will appear only when user navigates with keyboard

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Core components library

Mantine core library includes all essential components: inputs, buttons, modals, popovers, typography elements, layout management, etc.
Radio group
Slider and RangeSlider


Extend default theme with any amount of additional colors, replace shadows, radius, spacing, fonts and many other properties to match your design requirements.
Mantine theme is just an object, you can subscribe to it in any part of application via context and use it to build your own components.
Learn more about theming
Bright pink badge
import { Badge, Button, MantineProvider } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
return (
<MantineProvider theme={{
fontFamily: 'Greycliff CF, sans-serif',
colors: {
'ocean-blue': ['#7AD1DD', '#5FCCDB', '#44CADC', '#2AC9DE', '#1AC2D9', '#11B7CD', '#09ADC3', '#0E99AC', '#128797', '#147885'],
'bright-pink': ['#F0BBDD', '#ED9BCF', '#EC7CC3', '#ED5DB8', '#F13EAF', '#F71FA7', '#FF00A1', '#E00890', '#C50E82', '#AD1374'],
<Button color="ocean-blue">Ocean blue button</Button>
<Badge color="bright-pink" variant="filled">Bright pink badge</Badge>

Dark theme

Add dark theme to your application with just a few lines of code – Mantine exports global styles both for light and dark theme, all components support dark theme out of the box.
Learn how to setup dark theme
Mantine dark theme

Hooks library

Mantine comes with more than 30 hooks to manage state and UI to help you build custom components.
All hooks that are used to build Mantine components are exported from @mantine/hooks package, hooks do not depend on components packages, you can use them independently in any react application.

use-scroll-lock hook

import { useScrollLock } from '@mantine/hooks';
import { Button } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
const [scrollLocked, setScrollLocked] = useScrollLock();
const label = scrollLocked ? 'Unlock scroll' : 'Lock scroll';
return <Button onClick={() => setScrollLocked((c) => !c)}>{label}</Button>;

use-click-outside hook

import { useState } from 'react';
import { Paper, Button } from '@mantine/core';
import { useClickOutside } from '@mantine/hooks';
function Demo() {
const [opened, setOpened] = useState(false);
const ref = useClickOutside(() => setOpened(false));
return (
<Button onClick={() => setOpened(true)}>Open dropdown</Button>
{opened && <Paper ref={ref} shadow="sm">Click outside to close</Paper>}

Transitions API

Animate presence with premade transition or build your own animation with simple API, all Mantine components support custom transitions
Learn more about Transition component

Use premade transitions with any component


Or create your own transitions

const scaleY = {
in: { opacity: 1, transform: 'scaleY(1)' },
out: { opacity: 0, transform: 'scaleY(0)' },
common: { transformOrigin: 'top' },
transitionProperty: 'transform, opacity',
<Modal transition={scaleY} transitionDuration={300}>
<AuthenticationForm />

Notifications system

A fully featured notifications system integrates seamlessly with your Mantine theme.
Get started with @mantine/notifications
import { Button } from '@mantine/core';
import { useNotifications } from '@mantine/notifications';
function Demo() {
const notifications = useNotifications();
const showNotification = () => notifications.showNotification({
title: 'Default notification',
message: 'Hey there, your code is awesome! 🤥',
return (
<Button onClick={showNotification}>
Show notification

Rich text editor

A Quill.js based rich text editor: handles images uploads, supports embedded video, integrates seamlessly with your Mantine theme
Get started with @mantine/rte

Components customization

Each Mantine component supports styles overriding for every internal element inside with classes or inline styles. This feature alongside other customization options allows you to implement any visual modifications to components and adapt them to fit almost any design requirements.
Default slider styles
<Slider defaultValue={40} marks={marks} />
Find elements that you need to change in styles API table
rootRoot element
trackTrack element, contains all other elements
barFilled part of the track
thumbMain control
draggingStyles added to thumb while dragging
labelLabel element, displayed above thumb
markWrapperWrapper around mark, contains mark and mark label
markMark displayed on the track
markFilledStyles added to mark when it is located in filled area
markLabelMark label, displayed below track
Then apply styles and add other props:
styles={(theme) => ({
track: { '&::before': { backgroundColor: theme.colorScheme === 'dark' ? theme.colors.dark[3] :[1] } },
mark: { width: 6, height: 6, borderRadius: 6, transform: 'translateX(-3px) translateY(-2px)', borderColor: theme.colorScheme === 'dark' ? theme.colors.dark[3] :[1] },
markFilled: { borderColor:[6] },
markLabel: { fontSize: theme.fontSizes.xs, marginBottom: 5, marginTop: 0 },
thumb: { height: 16, width: 16, backgroundColor: theme.white, borderWidth: 1, boxShadow: },
Learn more about Styles API

Based on emotion 👩‍🎤

Mantine is based on emotion, take advantage of core emotion features with createStyles function: auto vendor-prefixing, critical css extraction during server side rendering, lazy evaluation, dynamic theming, type safe styles with TypeScript and more.
createStyles demo
import { createStyles } from '@mantine/core';
const useStyles = createStyles((theme, _params, getRef) => {
const child = getRef('child');
return {
wrapper: {
// subscribe to color scheme changes right in your styles
backgroundColor: theme.colorScheme === 'dark' ? theme.colors.dark[5] : theme.colors.gray[1],
maxWidth: 400,
width: '100%',
height: 180,
display: 'flex',
alignItems: 'center',
justifyContent: 'center',
marginLeft: 'auto',
marginRight: 'auto',
// Dynamic media queries, define breakpoints in theme, use anywhere
[`@media (max-width: ${}px)`]: {
// Type safe child reference in nested selectors via ref
[`& .${child}`]: {
fontSize: theme.fontSizes.xs,
child: {
// assign ref to element
ref: child,
backgroundColor: theme.colorScheme === 'dark' ? theme.colors.dark[8] : theme.white,
color: theme.colorScheme === 'dark' ? theme.white :,
function Demo() {
const { classes } = useStyles();
return (
<div className={classes.wrapper}>
<div className={classes.child}>createStyles demo</div>

Use anywhere

Mantine works in all modern environments – get started instantly with Next.js, Gatsby.js, create-react-app, Vite or Remix by following getting started guide:

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Build fully functional accessible web applications faster than ever
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