Version 3.5.0

Release date

@mantine/prism changes

Prism component now uses ScrollArea instead of native browser scrollbars:

With ScrollArea component (default):
Long code that will force Prism to have a horizontal scrollbar, by default, scroll behavior is handled by ScrollArea component, but it can be changed to native browser scrollbars
With native scrollbars:
Long code that will force Prism to have a horizontal scrollbar, by default, scroll behavior is handled by ScrollArea component, but it can be changed to native browser scrollbars

Prism now supports organizing code with tabs:

@font-face {
font-family: Chunkfive; src: url('Chunkfive.otf');
body, .usertext {
color: #F0F0F0; background: #600;
font-family: Chunkfive, sans;
--heading-1: 30px/32px Helvetica, sans-serif;
@import url(print.css);
@media print {
a[href^=http]::after {
content: attr(href)

NumberInput component improvements

NumberInput component now supports the following new features:

  • decimal separator configuration
  • value increment/decrement when user clicks and holds up/down controls
label="Number input with a custom decimal separator"
Step the value when clicking and holding the arrows
Ste value will increase incrementally when control is hold
style={{ marginTop: 15 }}
label="Step on hold"
description="Step the value when clicking and holding the arrows"
label="Step the value with interval function"
description="Step value will increase incrementally when control is hold"
stepHoldInterval={(t) => Math.max(1000 / t ** 2, 25)}

New features

RingProgress component now supports round caps:

{ value: 40, color: 'cyan' },
{ value: 15, color: 'orange' },
{ value: 15, color: 'grape' },

Stepper component now supports Stepper.Completed to display content after final step is completed:

Step 2 content: Verify email
import { Stepper, Button, Group } from '@mantine/core';
function Demo() {
const [active, setActive] = useState(1);
const nextStep = () => setActive((current) => (current < 3 ? current + 1 : current));
const prevStep = () => setActive((current) => (current > 0 ? current - 1 : current));
return (
<Stepper active={active} onStepClick={setActive} breakpoint="sm">
<Stepper.Step label="Fist step" description="Create an account">
Step 1 content: Create an account
<Stepper.Step label="Second step" description="Verify email">
Step 2 content: Verify email
<Stepper.Step label="Final step" description="Get full access">
Step 3 content: Get full access
Completed, click back button to get to previous step
<Group position="center" mt="xl">
<Button variant="default" onClick={prevStep}>Back</Button>
<Button onClick={nextStep}>Next step</Button>

Progress component now supports labels and animations:

<Progress value={75} animate />

Switch component now supports inner labels:

<Switch onLabel="ON" offLabel="OFF" />

RichTextEditor now supports mentions:

TransferList now supports items grouping:


Other changes

  • New use-element-size hook – subscribe to element width and height with ResizeObserver, simpler alternative to use-resize-observer
  • Select component now has an option to enable active item deselection when user clicks on active item
  • Skeleton component now supports animations disabling
  • Alert, Tooltip and Notification components now support radius prop
  • Alert component now supports 3 variants: filled, light and outline
  • Center component is now polymorphic, it supports component prop
  • Grid component now exposes Col component as Grid.Col
  • Progress and RingProgress components now support setting colors with css color values instead of allowing only values from theme.colors
  • Modal component now has an option to disable closing when escape key is pressed with closeOnEscape={false}
  • @mantine/core package now exports MantineProviderProps type
  • @mantine/hooks package now exports UseForm type

3.4.0 - 3.5.0 bug fixes

  • Fix incorrect click outside events handling in Modal and Drawer components
  • Fix incorrect max-width calculated for Group with falsy children
  • Fix incorrect animations applied to Collapse component with animateOpacity prop set to false
  • Fix HueSlider and AlphaSlider components breaking when used without size prop
  • Fix size prop not applied to Divider with label
  • Fix onChange function called with incorrect precision in NumberInput component
  • Fix Linux detected as undetermined is use-os hook
  • Fix incorrect MediaQuery component largerThan and smallerThan props handling (breaking bug fix)
  • Fix incorrect DateRangePicker types for strict TypeScript mode
  • Fix unexpected vertical scrollbars in TransferList component
  • Fix unexpected onChange function called onBlur in DatePicker component
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